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Mediostar Diode 5000W + Long pulse Nd YAG Laser- (Made in Germany)


1. Hair removal
2. Vascular treatments
3. Acne treatment
4. Skin tightening
5. Skin rejuvenation

Two handpiece port system

Multiply your treatment options with our new two-handpiece port system and save time by connecting multiple handpieces at the same time.

Monolith and PowerLine handpieces

The lightweight, ergonomic and visually appealing Monolith and PowerLine handpieces set new standards in aesthetic laser medicine and ensure maximum stability.

Modern and aesthetic trolley

The MeDioStar® was developed as a table system. The modern trolley completes the visually appealing design and offers two storage compartments for additional accessories.

Ultra-sharp 10.1″ LCD touchscreen

A new, ultra-sharp and responsive 10.1″ touchscreen LCD with a completely modernized user interface enables intuitive operation.

Highly efficient 360° skin cooling

The 360° contact skin cooling cools the epidermis very efficiently, protects the skin from burns and allows treatment in any direction. This guarantees simple and safe treatment.

Hygienic disposable cap

The flexible disposable cap ensures maximum hygiene during treatment. It adapts individually to each handpiece and can be easily placed on the handpiece tip.