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4th B.A.D.Con International Conference & Workshop on Laser & Aesthetics
4th International Conference on Psoriasis and Inflammatory Diseases
9th International Conference and Live Demonstration by SDSB
10th International Exhibition & Workshop by DSCON
13th Meditex International Medical Expo
Anniversary event of HTI
Dermato-surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology Exhibition by SDSB
Dermatosurgery Workshop by AACSB
Hands on training on Lasers (Mitford Hospital)
International Exhibition on Hospital, Medical Healthcare Equipment (Bogura)
Management Acne & Acne Scars by DerBang (Dermatologists of Bangladesh)
Scientific Seminar & Live Demonstration on LASER, HIFU & Chemical Peeling by AACSB
Scientific Seminar & Workshop on Laser at BSMMU